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  • 2010.01

    American Studies Association

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  • cultural geography

  • American Studies

  • food studies

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  • “Geographies of Food: Afters”

    Cook, I., K. Hobson, L. Hallett IV, J. Guthman, A. Murphy, A. Hulme, M. Sheller, L. Crewe, D. Nally, E. Roe, C. Mather, P. Kingsbury, R. Slocum, S. Imai, J. Duruz, C. Philo, H. Buller, M. Goodman, A. Hayes-Conroy, J. Hayes-Conroy, L. Tucker, M. Blake, R. Le Heron, H. Putnam, D. Maye & H. Henderson

    Progress in Human Geography   35 ( 1 ) 104 - 120   2011.02

    Academic JournalResearch paper (scientific journal)   Joint Work

  • “Nobu and After: Westernized Japanese Food and Globalization”


    Globalization, Food and Social Identities in the Asia Pacific Region       1 - 15   2010.12

    Academic JournalResearch paper (scientific journal)   Single Work

Books 【 display / non-display

  • The Globalization of Asian Cuisines: Transnational Networks and Culinary Contact Zones

    編者:James Farrer,分担執筆:James Farrer, Krishnendu Ray, Jean Duruz, Shoko Imai, David L. Wank, Keiichi Sawaguchi, Eric C. Rath, Stephanie Assmann and Sidney C. H. Cheung (Part: Single Work )

    Palgrave Macmillan  2015.08

  • The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Cultural Geography

    編者:N. Johnson, R. Schein & J. Winders, 該当章の分担執筆:Cook, Ian, Peter Jackson, Allison Hayes-Conroy, Sebastian Abrahamsson, Rebecca Sandover, Mimi Sheller, Heike Henderson, Lucius Hallett, Shoko Imai, Damian Maye and Ann Hill (Part: Single Work )

    Wiley-Blackwell  2013.04