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Assistant Professor


Assistant Professor

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  • Tokyo University of Agriculture   Graduate School, Division of Agriculture   Doctoral program (second term)   Completed

    2019.04 - 2022.03

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  • 博士(環境共生学) ( 2022.03   東京農業大学 )

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  • Tokyo University of Agriculture   Teacher Education and Scientific Information   Teacher Education   Assistant Professor


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  • Humanities & Social Sciences / Education on school subjects and primary/secondary education

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  • 農業科教育

  • カカオ

  • ESD

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  • Development of ESD Materials on Biological Environment Using the Tropical Fruit Cacao Reviewed

    Yukako Abe, Eriko Kumazawa

    J. Agric. Sci., Tokyo Univ. Agric   67 ( 1 )   24 - 32   2022.06

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    Authorship:Lead author   Publisher:Tokyo University of Agriculture  

  • A Study on the Practices of SDGs and ESD in Agricultural Education: Insights from Text Mining Analysis of Agricultural High School Teachers Using an Educational Practices Questionnaire Survey Reviewed

    ABE Yukako, MITARAI Yozo, KOREMURA Naohisa, KUMAZAWA Eriko

    journal of ESD Research   4 ( 4 )   36 - 52   2021.08

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    Language:Japanese   Publisher:Japanese Society of ESD  

    The purpose of this study is to examine SDGs and ESD in agricultural education based on text mining analysis of
    agricultural high schools using an educational practice questionnaire survey. There are many ESD practices in Japan,
    however, ESD research is lagging behind in agricultural high schools. Even though agricultural high schools work
    on good practices, especially in environmental education, most of them do not have a cross-curricular approach that
    incorporates the SDGs and ESD perspectives. The UNESCOAssociated Schools Project Network (ASPnet) was put
    in place as the national network among schools in Japan for promoting ESD. Nonetheless, only eight agricultural
    high schools have joined ASPnet.
    This analysis revealed that the practices of SDGs and ESD have some points in common. Most schools tended to
    use the word "local" in their responses to this questionnaire and mostly the objective of the practices is to help
    students reconsider features of their own society. In addition, personal transformation through SDGs and ESD is
    related to students’ career decisions. We found that principals and other teachers showed high awareness of and
    positive opinions about SDGs and ESD, and designing educational curriculums and school goals from the
    perspective SDGs can encourage to prompt a whole school approach to ESD. This study clarified that many
    agricultural high schools use Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) education as one of their SDGs practices.

    DOI: 10.50966/jsesd.4.4_36

    CiNii Articles

  • 青年海外協力隊によるカカオ・プロジェクトの現状と課題―フィリピン・レイテ島マタグオブ町の事例― Reviewed


    食農と環境   27   13 - 20   2021.03

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  • 環境教育を軸としたフランスのESDに関する考察-リセ・アグリコルでの取り組みに着目してー


    第81回日本農業教育学会大会  2023.09  日本農業教育学会

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    Language:Japanese   Presentation type:Oral presentation (general)  


  • つくるを超えた繋がるで、農業に活力を―カカオガールズの挑戦―


    第78回日本農業教育学会大会高校生ポスター発表  2020.09  日本農業教育学会

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  • 農業高校におけるESD実践―カカオを教材として―


    日本熱帯農業学会第126回講演会  2019.11  日本熱帯農業学会

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    Presentation type:Poster presentation  

  • Control of Seed Borne Disease of Rice Seedlings by Herbaspirillum spp.

    Yukako Abe, Seiya Tsushima, Seiichi Okuda, Hiromitsu Negishi, Hirosuke Shinohara

    The 2nd Korea-Japan Joint Symposium  2012.03 

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    Presentation type:Poster presentation  

  • Herbaspirillum属細菌のイネもみ枯細菌病(苗腐敗症)の発病抑制に与える処理温度の影響


    平成24年度日本植物病理学会大会  2012.03 

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    Presentation type:Oral presentation (general)  

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