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KIM Ok-Kyung

Assistant Professor

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  • 2014.04

    Tokyo University of AgricultureFaculty of Agriculture   Department of Agriculture   Assistant Professor  

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  • Complete Genome Sequence of Rehmannia Mosaic Virus Infecting Rehmannia glutinosa in Japan

    Komiyama,N., Sakuta,K., Mikage,M., Shinohara,H., Iwanami,T., Negishi,H., Kim,O.

    Microbiology Resource Announcements     2021.01  [Refereed]

    Academic JournalResearch paper (scientific journal)   Joint Work


  • Control of bacterial wilt caused by Ralstonia solanacearum and fusarium wilt by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici by using pepino (Solanum muricatum Aiton) as a rootstock of tomato

    Journal of agriculture science, Tokyo University of Agriculture   65 ( 3 ) 76 - 82   2020.12  [Refereed]

    Academic JournalResearch paper (scientific journal)   Joint Work

  • Morphological differences in vegetative and fruit characteristics among eight pepino (Solanum muricatum Ait.) cultivars in Japan

    Takahata, K., Mizumura, H., Shinohara, H., Kim, O.K., Ishikawa, T., Niwa, K., Fujisawa, H., Tada, K., Irisawa, T., Mitsui, Y., Nishio, Z., Yoshida, M., Mitarai, Y., Taniguchi, A.Y., Noguchi, H., Kazami, M., Kawaguchi, Y., Kiryu, Y., Kawabata, S. and Baba, T.

    XXX International Horticulture Congress 2018 – Proceedings of the VII International Symposium on Tropical and Subtropical Fruits     43 - 49   2020.12  [Refereed]

    International Conference ProceedingsResearch paper (international conference proceedings)   Joint Work

  • Limited occurrence of tristeza in yuzu and possible tristeza-free cultivation in Northernmost commercial yuzu-producing areas of Japan

    Eiko Nagaoka-Nakazono, Nami Uechi, Hiroshi Katoh, Takashi Fujikawa, Shin-ichi Miyata, Tsutomu Furukawa, Tomonori Asakawa, Makoto Sasaki, Riho Kuwahara, Ok-Kyung Kim, Hirosuke Shinohara, Toru Iwanami

    JARQ: Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly   54 ( 4 ) 307 - 316   2020.10  [Refereed]

    Academic JournalResearch paper (scientific journal)   Joint Work

  • Effects of uniconazole-P and paclobutrazol application on the growth and flowering of Euryops pectinatus Cass.

    Yasuhiko Koike, Ken-ichi Matsushima, Yozo Mitarai, Ok-Kyung Kim

    Journal of advanced agricultural technologies   5 ( 1 ) 31 - 35   2018.03  [Refereed]

    Academic JournalResearch paper (scientific journal)   Joint Work

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Books 【 display / non-display

  • Crop Production under Stressful Conditions: Application of Cutting-edge Science and Technology in Developing Countries

    Edited by Drs. Makie Kokubun and Shuichi Asanuma (Part: Joint Work )

    Springer  2018.08 ISBN: 978-981-10-7308-3

Oral Presentation 【 display / non-display

  • Frequency of streptomycin resistant strain of peach bacterial spot pathogen on the commercial fields in Japan

    2018.03  -  2018.03 

  • Investigation of Herbasprillum sp. strain 022S4-11 treatment conditions to control rice bacterial seedling rot

    2018.03  -  2018.03 

  • Colonization on mushroom bed and fruit body by some Pseudomonads having enoki mushroom bacterial blotch control effects

    2018.03  -  2018.03 

  • A new MCG group and phylogeny tree from 3 housekeeping loci of Sclerotium cepivorum in Japan

    2018.03  -  2018.03 

  • Control of bacterial blotch of enoki mushroom by Pseudomonas sp. isolates from brown mushroom.

    Suzuki,C.,Kim,O.,Negishi,H. and Shinohara,H.

    2017.09  -  2017.09 

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