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  • 2018.04

    Tokyo University of AgricultureFaculty of Agriculture   Department of Agriculture   Assistant Professor  

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  • Soil faunal effect on plant litter decomposition in mineral soil examined by two in-situ approaches: Sequential density-size frantionation and micromorphology

    Hiroko Nakatsuka, Toshihiko Karasawa, Toshiaki Ohkura, Rota Wagai

    Geoderma   113910   2020  [Refereed]

    Academic JournalResearch paper (scientific journal)   Joint Work


  • Soil faunal impact on litter decomposition and soil in cover crop system: effect of beetle larvae (Gametis jucunda) assessed by physical fractionation, micromorphology, and biochemical assay

    Hiroko NAKATSUKA; Toshihiko KARASAWA; Toshiaki OHKURA; Yasufumi URASHIMA; Rota WAGAI

    21th World Congress of Soil Science   575   2018

    International Conference ProceedingsResearch paper (international conference proceedings)   Joint Work

  • Characterisation of soils under long-term crop cultivation without fertilisers: a case study in Japan.

    Hiroko Nakatsuka, Kenji Tamura.

    SpringerPlus   5 ( 1 ) 1 - 22   2016.03

    Academic JournalResearch paper (scientific journal)   Joint Work


  • Effects of fresh spent mushroom substrate of Pleurotus ostreatus on soil micromorphology in Brazil.

    Hiroko Nakatsuka, Masato Oda, Yukimi Hayashi, Kenji Tamura.

    Geoderma   269   54 - 60   2016.02

    Academic JournalResearch paper (scientific journal)   Joint Work


  • Application of high carbon:nitrogen materials enhanced the formation of the soil A horizon and ntrigen fixation in a tropical agricultural field.

    Masato Oda, Kenji Tamura, Hiroko Nakatsuka, Miki Nakata, Yukimi Hayashi.

    Agricultural Sciences   5   1172 - 1181   2014.10

    Academic JournalResearch paper (scientific journal)   Joint Work


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