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三浦 愛香 (ミウラ アイカ)



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  • 1995年10月

    レディング大学(The University of Reading)   言語科学学部(Department of Linguistic Science)   卒業

  • 1998年10月

    ランカスター大学大学院(Lancaster University)   言語学現代英語学部(Department of Linguistics and Modern English Language)  

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  • 2012年04月

    東京外国語大学  総合国際学研究科  言語文化  博士後期課程  単位取得満期退学

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  • ランカスター大学(英国) -  修士(言語学)

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  • 2015年04月

    東京農業大学   農学部   准教授  

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  • Annotating the functions of learner utterances from a spoken corpus and assigning the degrees of their grammatical accuracy and discoursal acceptability

    Aika Miura

    Annotating the functions of learner utterances from a spoken corpus and assigning the degrees of their grammatical accuracy and discoursal acceptability ( The 4th Asia Pacific Corpus Linguistics Conference (APCLC 2018) )  1   317 - 324   2018年09月  [査読有り]

    研究論文(国際会議プロシーディングス)   単著

    The current study presents a multi-layered annotation scheme for classifying the functions of learner utterances and their degrees of grammatical accuracy and discoursal acceptability during shopping role plays from the NICT JLE Corpus. The author investigated the 68, 114, and 66 files and segmented the 870, 1,828, and 1,079 utterances of A1, A2, and B1 learners, respectively. Although 99.4% of B1 learners’ utterances had the function of communication for transaction including explaining the background and requesting an action, 59.2% and 55% of A1 and A2 learners’ utterances, respectively, had the function of dealing with transaction including expressing their intention to buy an item and expressing or asking about a particular item. It was observed that task differences of given role plays determined the distribution of segments with different functions. The author identified 52.1%, 55.0%, and 66.8% of A1, A2, and B1 learners’ utterances as having a high degree of grammatical accuracy and discoursal acceptability, respectively. However, a combined analysis of two annotation schemes indicated that A1 and A2 learners tended to show a high degree of grammatical accuracy and discoursal acceptability only when they repeated a part of the interlocutors’ utterances for confirmation.

  • Assessing politeness of requestive speech acts produced by Japanese learners of English in a spoken corpus

    Aika Miura

    Language Value   9 ( 1 ) 184 - 217   2017年07月  [査読有り]

    研究論文(学術雑誌)   単著

    This study aims to investigate whether it is possible to assess learners’ sociopragmatic competence in learner spoken data by examining requests produced by Japanese learners of English. Various pragmalinguistic features of requests in shopping role plays in the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology Japanese Learner English (NICT JLE) Corpus were extracted and the appropriateness of these linguistic features was rated by twenty English language instructors (10 native speakers and 10 Japanese) in terms of their politeness in different shopping situations. A significantly high rate of agreement was only obtained in judging the requests negotiating for a refund or exchange of the purchased item. The Japanese informants showed a relatively lower agreement than the natives especially on requests asking for permission to test an item. The highly rated linguistic features were not frequently used in the corpus. Therefore, annotating the sociopragmatic information in the target corpus seems unrealistic.

  • 学習者コーパスによる中間言語語用論分析:UAM CorpusTool Version 3.2を用いた要求の発話行為のケーススタディ


    語用論研究 ( 開拓社 )  18   48 - 59   2017年03月  [査読有り]

    研究論文(学術雑誌)   単著

    This paper illustrates an annotation scheme for extracting requestive speech acts from a learner corpus, the National Institute of Information and Communication Technology Japanese Learner English (NICT JLE) Corpus, with the use of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid CorpusTool (UAMCT). UAMCT is a downloadable free annotation software, and can be used for many types of pragmatic analysis. The tool’s stand-off mark-up enables the construction of a multi-layered annotation scheme for requests produced by Japanese learners of English at different proficiency levels, making manual annotations less laborious than XML annotations. This study partly confirms the results of previous research in interlanguage pragmatics: that the use of conventionally indirect strategies increases with a developing proficiency (Kasper and Ross, 2002; Trosborg, 1995).

  • Identifying Senses of a Polysemous Word “Culture” in the “Agriculture Corpus Ver. 1”

    Aika Miura

    Annual Report of JACET SIG on ESP   18   29 - 33   2016年12月  [査読有り]

    研究論文(学術雑誌)   単著

    This paper documents a case study involving a semantic analysis of the technical senses of the word “culture” in a domain-specific corpus of agriculture, namely the “Agriculture Corpus Ver. 1,” which was compiled using a web-based corpus tool, the Sketch Engine. Compared to the British National Corpus and its subcorpora composed of scientific documents, this corpus was more useful for extracting the concordance lines containing a specific vocabulary, which are important to agriculture students. Further, its small size and domain-specific documents facilitate a classification of the multiple senses of the target technical vocabulary.

  • Compiling Domain-Specific Corpora Using the Sketch Engine

    Aika Miura

    Proceedings of the Joint International Conference of the 8th International Conference on ESP in Asia & the 3rd International Symposium on Innovative Teaching and Research in ESP in Japan, Tokyo, August 19, 2016.   1   44 - 51   2016年11月  [査読有り]

    研究論文(国際会議プロシーディングス)   単著

    This paper aims to describe domain-specific corpora compiled with the Sketch Engine. The author teaches English at Tokyo University of Agriculture and compiled “Agriculture Corpus Ver.1” (Miura, 2015) and “Agriculture Corpus Ver.2,” via WebBootCaT, an online tool that is part of the Sketch Engine. During compilation, WebBootCaT crawls the internet and retrieves the available URLs based on a list of “seed words” that the compiler intends to include within the corpus. The seed words of the former corpus were somewhat random, taken from various sources of topics ranging from “cloning” to “environmental issues,” while the latter specifically focused on agricultural vocabulary drawn from academic keywords given by the final-year undergraduates and academic staff at the Department of Agriculture. It was discovered that a narrow, i.e., more restrictive, domain of seed words resulted in richer corpus content as measured by the size, keyness, and collocational behaviors of genre-specific vocabulary.

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  • Prepare Your Speech and Presentation プレゼンテーションで学ぶ英語4技能

    吉久保肇子・池尾玲子・藤田玲子・山形亜子・三浦愛香 (担当: 分担執筆 )

    研究社  2018年09月 ISBN: 978-4-327-42199-1

  • プログレッシブ英和 中辞典 第5版

    編集主幹:瀬戸賢一、投野由紀夫 編集委員:宮畑一範 編集顧問:安井稔、國廣哲彌、池上嘉彦、堀内克明 校閲・執筆:稲永知世、塩田英子ほか18名 執筆:荒川洋平、加藤まきみ、竹下幸男、根之木朋貴、森下教代、三浦愛香ほか53名 (担当: 共著 , 担当範囲: 本文執筆(pp.1552-1567, 1569, 1572-1573)、コーパスコラム執筆(pp.1564, 1568, 1646, 1685, 1741, 1745, 1796, 1820, 1823, 1826, 1841, 1845, 1847, 1884, 1905, 1915, 1957, 1963, 2006) )

    小学館  2012年02月


  • グランドセンチュリー 和英辞典 第3版

    監修者:小西友七 編者:岸野英治 編集・校閲協力者:井内長俊、山口守、香田禮二、都築郷実 執筆者:井内長俊、岸野英治、香田禮二、都築郷実、山口守 資料提供者:Charles F. Canning、 工藤洋路、三浦愛香、佐々木健 (担当: 共著 , 担当範囲: pp.6, 9, 11, 17, 23, 25, 26, 40, 58, 67, 69, 137, 151, 174, 185, 198, 203, 246, 270, 292, 333, 500, 525, 816, 827, 862, 1123, 1150, 1369, 1370, 1514) )

    三省堂  2010年01月


  • エースクラウン英和辞典 初版

    編著:投野由紀夫 共著者:秋山孝信、石井康毅、内田富男、大羽良、鈴木誠、露木幸雄、本間正巳、三浦愛香 (担当: 共著 , 担当範囲: 筆者の本文執筆や校閲担当箇所は多数頁に及ぶため、担当部分抽出不可能 )

    三省堂  2008年12月


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  • 2017年度外国語教育メディア学会(LET)関東支部奨励賞

    2017年11月18日   外国語教育メディア学会(LET)   学習者コーパスに見られる語用論的能力の横断的検証:要求の発話行為におけるポライトネスの習得  


科研費(文科省・学振)獲得実績 【 表示 / 非表示

  • 日本人英語学習者の話し言葉コーパスにおける語用論的能力の基準特性の抽出と分析


    研究期間:  2015年04月  -  2019年03月 

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  • 学習者コーパスに見られる語用論的能力の横断的検証:要求の発話行為におけるポライトネスの習得

    提供機関:  外国語教育メディア学会(LET)関東支部  外国語教育メディア学会(LET)関東支部公募プロジェクト 2015年度研究支援プログラム(若手支援の部)

    研究期間: 2015年04月  -  2016年03月 

  • 話し言葉と書き言葉における談話標識の使用と習得の違い

    提供機関:  外国語教育メディア学会(LET)関東支部  外国語教育メディア学会(LET) 2012年度関東支部公募プロジェクト

    研究期間: 2012年04月  -  2014年03月 

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  • 外国語教育が専門になりますが、機会があれば積極的に取り組みたいと思います。

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  • 農学の分野でスペシャリストを目指すみなさんには、英語はコミュニケーションのツールとして大変重要になります。語学は学問ではなくスキルです。若い年代のみなさんは、英語が苦手でもまだまだこれから十分伸ばしていくことができます。自分の活躍の場を広げ、自分自身のアイデンティティーを確立して、自立したスペシャリストになりましょう。